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  • On July 16, 2015 my sweet Sophia Elizabeth was born. After 23 hours of labor she finally arrived with her umbilical cord tied around her left arm and neck, placing her left elbow near the top of her head causing strain to her neck muscles and orienting her head to the right. This resulted in a case of acute torticollis, restricting Sophia’s range of motion. She could not turn her head left, resulting in a flat spot on her head.


    We spent quite a bit of money on physical therapy, but it did not seem like Sophia was making any progress. In addition to the flat spot; she was not sleeping well and was fussy due to discomfort. We began care with Dr. Maxwell around the time Sophia was 6 weeks old. After just one appointment Sophia was able to actually turn her head to the left. She still preferred not to turn her head; because her muscles were so tight on the right side it was still very uncomfortable. Then, miraculously after three appointments she had full range of motion. We then watched her flat spot slowly shrink each week, until it was gone! I still cannot believe the difference chiropractic care made in Sophia’s life, not only did it remedy the torticollis; regular adjustments have helped Sophia sleep well, boosted her immune system, had a positive impact on her digestive system and has been the cure for ear infections.


    I cannot stress enough that every baby should receive chiropractic care. Dr. Maxwell explained to me that our nervous system communicates to our body through our spinal cord, when we are subluxated, it can result in a variety of symptoms. The impact that chiropractic adjustments have had on Sophia is concrete evidence of the effectiveness of regular care.


    -Samantha F.


  • Before starting care at Abundant Health, everything going on with my body was less than desirable. I knew that things could be better, and should be better for myself. Having been in a work related accident, I had some physical limitations, but it was more mental limitations. I had tried almost everything to improve my health, but I lacked commitment and struggled to keep on track. I was heading downhill in a hurry, but after finding Abundant Health Family Chiropractic, I am no longer down that hill, but way up in the mountains! The care I receive not only realigns my body, but also my mind. There are so many good tips and other information given to us there that it helps to create the whole picture of what is happening and the impact of everything else in life (food, sleep, exercise, environment etc.). This gives me more control and helps me understand the impact of my environment, and while not everything is going to be controllable, but my body will now have more resources to heal and repair appropriately.

    My posture and alignment is so much better than it used to be and I am actually measuring to be almost
    an inch taller than I was when I started.  I am less apprehensive to try new physical activities. I am much more aware of my body, and they have equipped me with various things I can do at home in order to help keep in alignment.

    My focus is much stronger, I am sleeping much better (and more comfortably).  Everything in my life is more healthy now and I know that I need to take care of my body in a preventative manner.


    I LOVE the staff here! They are all amazing, very friendly, helpful, caring, fun and overall wonderful. Even when they are super busy, they always act like you are the only one there and that they have time to help you out, chat with you or make you laugh.  They are simply the best.
    I also love the flexible hours, they are very accommodating. I come early in the morning, and it is a great way to start my day.  Such a positive / happy / fun environment. 


    -Melissa P.

  • I have always valued my health, but poor posture, mediocre exercises, and not-the-greatest nutrition were starting to take their toll. My allergies were worse than ever, and I was getting tension headaches frequently. Then I had one of those “lower back moments” of debilitating pain, caused by simply picking something up from my car trunk. This prompted me to see Dr. Kimberly recommended by a friend. I was so impressed with her whole body approach! Dr. Kimberly helped me heal quickly and started me onto a path to much improved health!

    Along with regular chiropractic adjustments, mobility exercises prescribed by Dr. Kimberly, I was also motivated to start cross-fit. WOW! I have made so many positive changes! My spinal misalignments are improving, my muscles are strengthening and my nutrition has improved-my cholesterol tests show this!

    Supported, encouraged, and motivated by Abundant Health and their annual Winter Wellness Challenge, ran in my first ever 10k! What fun!

    I have learned that wellness is a lifestyle, and I continue to work on my fitness, nutrition, and posture. 

    I cannot thank Dr. Kimberly enough for her whole body approach and getting me to the much healthier place that I am today!

    -Kerri S.

  • Great chiropractor!

    We started taking our young daughter to see Dr. Maxwell after several Doctors and specialists all said she was just fine, but she had been babying one of her legs since infancy and we knew something more had to be going on. It turned out, she had undiagnosed scoliosis that was causing misalignment and unnecessary strain throughout her little body, which was quite evident in the x-rays, though doctors and specialists had only ever x-rayed her legs and hip area so had missed it. My husband and I were so impressed with Dr. Maxwell’s approach, that all three of us became practice Members.

    Dr. Maxwell goes above and beyond, and even presented our daughter with a special little something after the loss of her pet. Our daughter has been looking forward to her chiropractic visits since we first started going, and always gives Dr. Maxwell a hug. She and Shauntelle make a great team, and we couldn’t have asked for more in a chiropractic clinic!

    -Jen, Ryan & Ashlin

  • Prior to starting care with Dr. Maxwell I felt constantly lethargic, wasn’t sleeping well, had overall low energy in my day to day life. Now I have overall better health, feel charged, flexible, and have freedom within my body!

    Thank you for taking such great care of me and my family. You  keep us POWERED ON!

    -Adrian H.

  • My family has been seeing Dr. Maxwell for years and I am very grateful for her service and knowledge. I have been to MANY chiropractors around town and Dr. Maxwell has been the best. I started seeing her when I was 40+ weeks pregnant and was kicking myself for not going in sooner. I felt very safe in her hands. I have a very bad back and she has gotten me to a point where I am healthy and pain free. Something other chiropractors couldn’t achieve 3x a week she achieved 1x a week. She also adjusted my newborn and was extremely gentle and helped relieve her reflux. My entire family has since started care and we are all reaping the benefits of healthier nervous systems. I would and do recommend her to anyone!

    -Kelly K

  •  I did not realize how poorly my body was operating when I initially saw Dr. Maxwell. I had discomfort and pain, but figured it was due to day-to-day activities and something that was “normal”. Headaches were a regular part of my daily routine. I had such a distorted view of chiropractic care: adjustments were something you would seek out when an injury presented itself-like a slip on the ice or tweaked back-and seemed like a painful treatment to endure. My treatment with Dr. Maxwell began with consistent adjustments and I began to feel how my body was supposed to move and feel. My daily headaches decreased to weekly, then monthly, and now I can honestly say it is rare for me to feel a headache coming on. If I have to miss an adjustment due to a scheduling issue, I can feel my body craving it.

    When I learned I was pregnant with twins, I had been receiving regular adjustments for awhile. I continued my chiropractic care throughout my pregnancy. I was told early on in my pregnancy, how challenging carrying twins can be, especially for my frame. I heard horror story after horror story about pregnancy with multiples. I expected to be put on bed rest and I was prepared to deliver the girls early and have preemies staying in the ICU. I remained diligent with my chiropractic care and ended up carrying the girls to 37 ½ weeks and sailed through my pregnancy. I surprised myself and my OB/GYN. My twin baby girls were small but perfectly healthy and happy. I am positive that going to Abundant Health family Chiropractic was the best thing I did throughout my pregnancy.”

    -Kelly E.

  • I started seeing Dr. Maxwell shortly after moving to Bozeman in 2012. At that time, I had spent the majority of my life competing as a hunter/jumper and endurance rider. After years in the saddle (and some substantial injuries), riding was no longer enjoyable due to chronic pain in my neck, lower back, and knee. My chronic pain was also affecting my sleep, overall mood, and ability to participate in any physical activity.

    Once under Dr. Maxwell’s care, my sleep had improved immensely, but more importantly, I found that riding (including the long distance adventures I’ve always enjoyed the most) to be a much more comfortable and rewarding experience.

    Even after suffering yet another major setback with an injury to my neck that severely decreased my mobility and was coupled with chronic pain, Dr. Maxwell confidently and patiently worked her chiropractic magic which allowed me to return to the saddle and continue my never-ending love for riding.

    Dr. Maxwell and Shauntelle’s passion for what they do and who they serve has not only given me my confidence (and comfort) back as a rider, it has also allowed me to continue to improve my overall health and well-being as an individual.

    Words cannot express my sincere appreciation for the compassion and effort these two amazing ladies have put into allowing me to realize my innate health and potential!

    -Maegan S.

  • My son Zebulin was falling a lot, constantly tripping, and seemed very uncoordinated. This seemed to lead to general discomfort, and headaches for him, which made him very cranky. After his adjustments he is happy, more agile, and he does not complain about hurting. He is able to do all the activities he wants. It has been the best thing ever to get him cared for by Dr. Maxwell! We have also noticed his immune system is a lot better! He definitely does not get sick as most kids! The team at Abundant Health Family Chiropractic is awesome.



    Before starting care I had chronic neck pain and stiffness which affected my ability to concentrate at my job. I was also recovering from a compression fracture of my L4 and although the fracture had healed, I had very limited mobility.

    After being under care for a short while, I have confidence in my body again!

    I have been able to resume my normal activities with more energy and mental clarity.

    I feel like a new person, and even better than I did before my injury! I have way more energy than ever before!

    My family and friends have even noticed I have better posture.

    Dr. Maxwell and Shauntelle have been there for me through both physical as well as emotional pain. Their healing energy is astounding and unconditional.

    I thank you from my heart and soul.


    -Evelyn B.

  • I had been suffering from constant neck pain and frequent headaches. Trying to find relief with painkillers and only getting very temporary relief, I did some research. While I had actually deemed myself “anti-chiropractic”, I decided to give it a try. My opinion has changed greatly since experiencing it for myself. Not only do I use considerably less pain medication since starting chiropractic care, I have many less headaches, I am more aware of my posture and quickly sense when I am not holding my body with proper posture.

    I am now able  and motivated to focus on other aspects of my health because I am no longer suffering from the pain that I once was.


    -Scott H.


  • Vella was diagnosed with failure to thrive. At 11 months of age she was not sitting unsupported. She was clingy and had a very unhappy general disposition. After performing a thermo nerve scan with Abundant Heath, it became obvious that her spine and therefore systems were under a lot of stress. We also discovered she was allergic to cow’s milk protein which she was receiving via breast feeding. 

    I cut all dairy from our diets. We began weekly appointments with D. Kimberly Maxwell at Abundant Health Family Chiropractic. Within 3 weeks Vella was sitting. Within 6 weeks she was crawling. In less than 2 months from the beginning of treatment, Vella is pulling up and walking around furniture. Her disposition is like night and day. She is now happy, engaged in her environment and extremely mobile. 

    She is slowly catching up with weight and height gains.

    We cannot emphasize enough how chiropractic care has helped our daughter begin to thrive! 




  • I began seeing Dr. Maxwell in 2014 after a lifetime of chiropractic care to maintain mobility and reduce pain during my career as a professional ballet dancer. By 2012 my neck had become debilitating painful. It was wrecking my sleep, my connections with my family, inhibiting my ability to complete my work effectively, and leaving me depressed about what the future held for me. I suffered from chronic migraine headaches and struggled to fight off illness and find energy to do the things I love.


    Since starting care with Dr. Maxwell, I have seen dramatic changes in my pain levels, mood, strength, and overall wellness.

    I am rarely ill and easily recover from sicknesses. My migraines are fewer and much further in-between. I’m generally more positive and experience far less stress.


    As owner of Bridger Pilates and Wellness, I regularly refer clients with chronic pain, mobility limitations, or postural issues to Dr. Maxwell. I trust her advice, care, and intuitive ability to heal and empower clients. Working to build clients understanding of dynamic alignment, spinal mobility, and connective tissue while building muscular strength has been a rewarding path. The support of Dr. Maxwell to allow me to do my physically demanding work as well as her support of my clients has been paramount.


    Dr. Maxwell has also worked closely and regularly with my children. Zach (14) is a AA hockey player and a competitive soccer player. He initially came to see Dr. Maxwell for knee pain, but has since continued on with regular care. Grace (11) is a competitive gymnast. Spending 12‐16 hours a week in the gym brought Gracey to Dr. Maxwell for lower back pain. Both kids are eager to see Dr. Maxwell and often mention how strong, determined, and positive they feel when they leave.

    The Stoddart family is grateful to have Dr. Maxwell and Shauntelle in our lives. Their loving approach and genuine desire for our health and happiness makes us look forward to our visits.

    -Stoddart family

  • Thank you for all the love and care you have given our family. You have helped my back, but I think more importantly you helped me out of a mental and emotional rut that I was spiraling into. You sincerely listened to me and gave me amazing life tips and advice. You have created a great community within your office that I love to be a part of! It is also so wonderful to be able to bring my boys in to your office with such loving arms and understanding of little kiddos! Our immune systems are stronger and our bodies are running smoother. Thank you for “powering on” my life!


    -Allie B


  • I was pregnant with my fourth baby when I met Dr. Maxwell. I had heard of her a year before through a friend of mine who had only amazing things to say about her care. Yet, I was apprehensive, and honestly quite fearful, of chiropractic adjustments. Looking back, my reasoning for fear was pretty poor. I had “heard stories” about negative outcomes and never wanted to look into it as an option for me. Mind you, I have many friends, family members, and even my husband who visits a chiropractor both for preventative maintenance and care related to injury. When I met Dr. Maxwell, it was her kind smile, calm nature, and loving presence that put me at ease. At that point, I wasn’t aware that shortly I would be seeking her care, I just knew that I really liked her, deep down.

    I am a birth worker. I support women and their families as a doula and lactation counselor. It was easy to see how her care could make a difference in pregnancy and postpartum and I was happy to refer my clients to her. Working as a doula, and being pregnant, was incredibly taxing, both physically and emotionally. For a time, it was necessary for me to separate myself (my pregnancy, my expectations for birth) from that of my clients because I needed to give them all of me so that they could be their very best for their births and their babies. However, the time came when I needed to focus on me and the little one in my womb. At around 35 weeks, I found myself in a place of subtle anxiety and disconnect. There was a lingering feeling that I might not be strong enough for this birth or this baby. To be fair, all women go through this stage, but it felt amplified as a birth worker. I knew about birth. I knew the good, the bad. I knew the importance of physical health and mental well-being. I made an appointment to see Dr. Maxwell.

    I had nothing to fear but myself. Dr. Maxwell was incredibly gentle and knowing. What’s more, after each visit I felt amazing! My body moved easier. My baby moved into a better position. I was again comfortable in my pregnant body and I could tell my baby was preparing for an earthside debut. Only a few weeks before I had had this lingering feeling that my baby was in a strange position. I felt feet and hands and elbows and knees all over my belly. Belly mapping told me that the baby was posterior, which isn’t the best position for birth, so I was worried. After the first adjustment, my baby moved into a more optimal position. I was thrilled! What’s more, I felt confident in my expectations for birth and I once again felt that connection between me and my baby that’s so important for a healthy delivery. When “birth” day came, I was ready, mentally, emotionally, and physically. I trusted my body and myself. My little boy was born within an hour and a half of labor beginning, and with a sense of control and ease that I look back on with great joy.

    Here’s the thing about babies who are born quickly, they don’t always get the time to process what’s happening. They are in a nice cozy womb, and then are whooshed out into the world. Such speedy labors can cause head and neck compression, leading to latch issues, and a baby who generally just seems rather uncomfortable. That was my baby. Although I held him gently in my arms and whispered loving words, he screamed – almost surprised he was here. Nursing and snuggles gave him comfort, but his latch was tight (which wasn’t comfortable for me) and he wouldn’t be laid down (which isn’t easy when caring for three other children). Within the first two weeks of his birth, we were at Dr. Maxwell’s to help the little guy get adjusted to his new world.

    The change was gradual, but noticeable after each visit. His latch improved and nursing became less painful for me and more effective for him. He became more comfortable in his own body. He would let me lay him down on his own for longer periods, allow someone besides me to hold him, and would settle into a car seat for a trip to town more easily. All of these had been incredibly stressful for him.

    Today, my son is a year old. People are surprised when I tell them what a struggle it was in the beginning. They are shocked to find out that he cried for the first three months of his life and only wanted his mama, because now, his demeanor is the exact opposite. He is calm, curious, comfortable. He welcomes new experiences with a smile and a laugh. He still sees Dr. Maxwell because even infants can be hard on their little bodies, and with two brothers and a sister, play can be rough. He feels good after each adjustment and I know that it helps to keep him healthy. Besides, I relish in those sweet belly laughs that come pouring from his squishy face whenever Dr. Maxwell works her magic. He loves it!

    This has been an amazing journey for myself, for my doula practice, and for my family. I’m truly grateful for the gentle and effective care Dr. Maxwell has provided, and will continue to provide well into the future.




  • “Dr. Kimberly Maxwell is a miracle worker! I am riding my bike again! My head, neck, and spine are straight. I am sitting up straight, not hunched over. Thank you so very much – you made a huge difference in my life.”

    – M.

  • “Thanks so much for your care! I feel very supported in wellness.”

    – Denise

  • I was in a lot of pain after a car wreck. I do not like taking prescription drugs, so I started chiropractic care with Dr. Kimberly Maxwell. Now I am in much less pain, am more flexible. My athletic performance has improved greatly, and I even sleep better! Thanks to my care I able to be more active. Abundant Health Family Chiropractic is great!”

    – Lane

  • I was struggling to walk due to extreme pain after a bad fall on the ice. After starting chiropractic care with Dr. Kimberly Maxwell, I have my mobility back, plus more flexibility, fewer aches, better posture, and have taken fewer over the counter drugs. Thanks to my newfound agility, I’m no longer stepping on my cats’ tails! I love that Dr. Maxwell always answers my questions, and everything is explained. My cats and I thank you!”

    – Kit

  • “As a 54-year old woman, my health was spiraling downward. My naturopath recommended Dr. Maxwell for chiropractic services. My x-rays showed an old sports injury – we recognized that this is the root cause of my health issues. Over the years, I have seen a variety of dental specialists and medical doctors. They were only able to treat symptoms. Dr. Maxwell took time to listen to my concerns. She educated me on healthy lifestyle choices, and showed me exercises that will benefit my healing process. I like Dr. Maxwell’s friendly, positive encouragement and helpful attitude to treat not just the symptoms but my entire self. My health has started spiraling upwards. My bodily functions, energy level, vitality, physical confidence, digestion, concentration, clarity, and sleep are all improving. I trust Dr. Maxwell and Shauntelle. They are professional, knowledgeable, helpful, kind, and gentle. They provide me with a safe and uplifting environment to heal. I highly recommend Abundant Health Family Chiropractic!”

    – Charlene

  • “I was experiencing constant nerve pain, neck pain, and headaches. Thinking about the pain became the pervasive, negative thought pattern in my life. Pain was winning and taking over. After starting care with Dr. Kimberly Maxwell, I have a renewed positive thought process. Plus, I have a complete change in my flexibility and vitality, better memory and concentration, and improved digestion! My family has noticed a huge improvement in my mood and vitality. Thank you!”

    – Kari

  • “I am grateful for you two! Aside from my family, no one has ever gone so far out of their way to make me feel so special. I can’t express my level of appreciation. It’s a great feeling, thank you!”

    – Crystal

  • “I had neck pain and could not move my head from side to side. And I had constant lower back pain. I could only sit, stand, or lie down for 20 minutes at a time and then I’d have to change positions. This went on ALL day long. I couldn’t exercise or lift anything. With Abundant Health Family Chiropractic, I got lasting results and a dramatic change in my spine. I am now more in tune with my body and what it’s asking of me. I can now exercise for up to 30 minutes. I have more flexibility, better recovery time, and less stress, which of course leads to better moods!”

    – Tiffany

  • While in Bozeman for an extended stay, my severe neck pain kept me up during the night. I didn’t know any chiropractors and, fortunately, my first visit with Dr. Kimberly Maxwell assured me I was in great hands! She made me feel comfortable and did some tests that showed me where she needed to focus her care. Dr. Maxwell educates her patients about what is going on with their body, she stresses preventative care, and she offers a variety of classes. I took the nutritional and exercise classes, and I now have a daily routine to help strengthen my neck and body. Dr. Maxwell is definitely concerned about the whole body and wants her clients to function as well as possible. After one month I was feeling much better, and now, two months later, I no longer experience those bad headaches and I’m able to do the outdoor activities that I love. I highly recommend Dr. Maxwell, plus her office manager Shauntelle is tops!”

    – Judy

  • “I have been under the care of Dr. Kimberly Maxwell for a while, because I have scoliosis and had constant pain – until I started care. Now I am functioning much better. My husband, two sons, and I were in a car accident this past weekend, and it was such a great feeling to know that we have Dr. Max! I knew that we would be treated cautiously, and our treatments would prevent an ER visit, endless x-rays, and painkillers. I trust that Dr. Max is looking out for what is best for me and my family’s health and wellbeing in a natural, holistic way. Thank you, Dr. Maxwell and Shauntelle! You are the best!”

    – Amber

  • “As a piano player, I use my hands and arms constantly. I had radiating pain up and down my arm that was not being relieved even with lots of ibuprofen. I needed to try something different. After only a few adjustments the pain went away! I have even noticed my body is just a little bit quicker when I am playing piano!”

    – Stefan

  • “A good friend told me about Abundant Health Family Chiropractic when my infant daughter was suffering from reflux. She was miserable and spit up constantly. Dr. Kimberly Maxwell cured my baby’s reflux! Our whole family has been under Dr. Maxwell’s care for the past two years, and we have all been healthier and antibiotic free!

    – Anika

  • “I came to Dr. Kimberly Maxwell with arthritis in my back and hip. This caused constant pain, and I was taking pain pills regularly. After being under Dr. Maxwell’s care, I am now off the pain pills and enjoying more physical work and the joys of being pain free.”

    – Alese

  • My ND told me about Dr. Kimberly Maxwell for my tight hips from years of Taekwondo, as well as my ears ringing. Dr. Maxwell helped me with both issues. I also noticed that I have more energy and am in a better mood! Chiropractic works!”

    – Heather

  • With your help I was able to ski the rest of the week, which was great. The pain from my injury is slowly receding.”

    – John

  • “I have been going to Abundant Health Family Chiropractic in Bozeman for several months and am feeling great. I used to get sick frequently but have not had a cold yet this winter. Plus, I was suffering from back pain and migraines – the migraine medications did not give me relief. I now have almost no headaches and am enjoying increased energy, which is promoting consistent workouts and a healthy lifestyle. Even my family has noticed how much better I feel and act. I love hearing that! Thanks, Dr. Maxwell!”

    – Kelly

  • Going to Abundant Health Family Chiropractic was the best thing we did for the health of our family. We started going when my youngest son ruptured both ear drums. After seeing the care that Dr. Maxwell gave my son in an emergency situation, I wanted all my children to receive preventive care from her, so I had all four start chiropractic care consistently. Every time we came into the office we were greeted warmly. I love that Abundant Health is a family clinic. Plus, I started seeing Dr. Maxwell last spring, when I nearly sank into a depression. I truly believe the consistent, weekly chiropractic treatments kept me afloat, and helped me deal with my high levels of stress. The weekly care we received was truly beneficial, especially for the incredible pace we were living at the time. I am very thankful for the treatments we received. Dr. Maxwell and Shauntelle really care about our health. Their kindness, care, and concern have been such a blessing to our lives!”

    – Jennifer

  • “Before seeing Dr. Maxwell, I was taking eight naproxen a day and unable to sleep for more than an hour at a time due to unbearable shoulder pain. I was waking up in tears. Since starting care less than a month ago, my pain is GONE! The problem has disappeared, and I sleep all night! Thank you!”

    – Diane

  • “My massage therapist brought me to one of Dr. Kimberly Maxwell’s Wellness Workshops, and I decided to try chiropractic care to address my health issues. I had debilitating allergic reactions to foods, which brought on intense pain. I had previously explored treatment with two naturopathic doctors, with no shift in wellness. After starting chiropractic care and following Dr. Maxwell’s recommendations, I feel so much more vital. I have not been sick due to allergic reactions since starting care. Thank you!”

    – Denise

  • My quality of life was decreasing more and more, due to my high level of pain from a 28-foot fall. I couldn’t trust my body to do anything. And I was getting very depressed. My back affected my posture, gait, and ability to ambulate without concern of falling. But, with Dr. Kimberly Maxwell’s chiropractic care, this problem has all but been eliminated! My wife has noticed better moods and more willingness to do things. Dr. Maxwell is awesome in how she deals with the whole patient, not just the symptoms.”

    – Don

  • “My four-month old baby was crying six hours a day. She was unable to eat without pulling away and choking on her milk. Pediatricians told me she had acid reflux and started her on two prescription medications, but they did not help. Since starting care with Dr. Kimberly Maxwell, her crying has decreased 90%, and she is now able to drink her milk without pulling off! I have started care myself, with Dr. Maxwell, as well as my son, husband, and sister.”

    – Patricia

  • “I first visited Dr. Kimberly Maxwell, because my neck and back always ached. My shoulder constantly burned, and my arm and hand were numb. I had tried massage and lots of over-the-counter pain medication. Nothing helped. Since starting my wonderful journey to wellness with Dr. Maxwell, I have been much healthier! I have few colds, my body feels younger, and my mind is clear. I have had significantly fewer headaches and less than one migraine a year (previously, I had frequent migraines and was sick all the time). I want everyone to know that chiropractic help you in your everyday life! Thank you Abundant Health Family Chiropractic!”

    – Kris

  • “I am a busy working mom, and I was looking for a natural way to prevent disease and sickness for my kids. I asked Dr. Kimberly Maxwell to check my daughter, and she noted things immediately (she was running on her toes, her shoulders were misaligned, etc.). Dr. Maxwell’s care has already made a big difference. In addition, my 4-year-old son’s X-ray was staggering – he had a significant curve in his back. Dr. Maxwell took great care of this problem, and my son immediately grew taller and his back is straighter. He was always the sicker child since having RSV as a baby; since being in Dr. Maxwell’s care, he’s much healthier. Chiropractic has worked incredibly well for me and my kids, with NO illness in our house last winter, even during flu season! Check out Abundant Health Family Chiropractic for your family – it’s a natural alternative that works.”

    – Cora

  • Since starting care with Dr. Kimberly Maxwell, I have better posture and less pain. I love referring my friends to Abundant Health Family Chiropractic in Bozeman, as I know they receive great care. I love these ladies!”

    – Diana

  • “After hearing Dr. Kimberly Maxwell’s informative and energetic presentation in Bozeman, I was so impressed with her style and knowledge that I knew I needed to start care with her. I have osteopenia, and my body is crooked with one shoulder being higher as well as hips and leg length being out of alignment. Dr. Maxwell’s initial analysis was very thorough, and she explained exactly where my problems are rooted. I have now been seeing Dr. Maxwell for over a year and am doing the daily exercises she taught me, along with my ongoing fitness program. My recent re-evaluation showed I have more range of motion, and I am much more balanced. My body feels better due to less strain from being uneven. I’m sleeping better, and am generally healthier. Also, the deterioration of my spine has stabilized! I really appreciate Dr. Maxwell’s expertise, gentle touch, and customer service. Her office manager, Shauntelle, is very efficient, friendly, and encouraging. I definitely recommend Abundant Health Family Chiropractic!”

    – Pat

  • “Our Cranial Sacral Therapist recommended chiropractic care for my daughter, who had developed a stutter. After Lily started care with Dr. Kimberly Maxwell, her stutter subsided and her slow physical growth took off into a major growth spurt! I naturally started care for my entire family. We have all experienced improved immune function, improved comfort, and an overall sense of wellness. Abundant Health Family Chiropractic is doing a great job, and I always recommend Dr. Maxwell to others.”

    – Melissa

  • I first came to Dr. Kimberly Maxwell, because I had digestion problems and an irregular menstrual cycle. After my care started, my period became more regular. Plus, I have experienced better digestion with the care as well as the supplements suggested by Dr. Maxwell.”

    – Becky

  • “When I contacted Dr. Kimberly Maxwell, my hips and lower back always ached. Plus, my gait and posture were affected. The years of improper posture, lifting, standing, and moving boxes of books at work had taken their toll. I got some relief from over-the-counter pain killers, but it was not long lasting. After I started seeing Dr. Maxwell, I started getting consistent relief. I slept better, had more energy, and felt much better all the time. I thank Dr. Maxwell each morning when I get up for the better night’s sleep and overall better sense of wellbeing.”

    – Karen

  • “My friend told me about Abundant Health Family Chiropractic in Bozeman, because I was suffering from tension headaches, back pain, and sinus pain. Since my care began, I have decreased my use of prescription drugs, had less pain, less sinus pain, more flexibility, better posture, and an overall improvement in my health and mood! I love how Dr. Kimberly Maxwell incorporates whole-body health including exercise, discussions of overall health and wellbeing, and supplements, not just adjustments. This is all delivered with a friendly, positive attitude. Dr. Kimberly Maxwell’s ‘bedside manner’ can’t be beat!”

    – Kerri

  • “My husband suggested I see Dr. Kimberly Maxwell, because I was unable to care for my children without pain, even though I had tried massage therapy. Once I started seeing Dr. Maxwell my mobility increased, posture has improved, and I have an overall better mood. My family has noticed my better posture, reduced pain, and sense of wellbeing. I want to tell others about Dr. Maxwell’s gentle and ‘whole picture’ approach.”

    – Bethany

  • “A friend referred me to Dr. Kimberly Maxwell, because my neck and hip problems were slowing me down. I have tried other chiropractors, however, after seeing Dr. Maxwell I now have more energy, flexibility, renewed vitality, decreased use of medicines, better posture, and more sleep.”

    – Barbara

  • “I met Dr. Kimberly Maxwell at a Bozeman workshop and, after speaking with her, I decided to have a wellness checkup. I’ve always had back and neck pain due to long hours at the computer. Since starting my care, my pain has decreased a lot. Dr. Maxwell always fits me in to her schedule if I need extra care. My energy levels have increased as well as my overall health and attitude! I recommend Dr. Maxwell to anyone who has any health needs, questions, or concerns.”

    – Candace

  • “Due to pain radiating from my neck and upper back, down both arms into my hands, my daughter referred me to Dr. Kimberly Maxwell. Since starting chiropractic care with Dr. Maxwell, I have been able to participate in fitness training at my local gym and have been able to sleep, which renders renewed vitality. I can now care for my grandchild with more ease and comfort. I have nothing but praise for my care and the courtesy offered by the staff. I trust them implicitly.”

    – Ruth age 82

  • “Working was uncomfortable as I would experience numbing in my arms and hands, neck tension, and back pain from repetitive motions. In addition, I had acid reflux. Ibuprofen was my go-to help. Since being under the care of Dr. Kimberly Maxwell, I have NO more issues with pain, tightness, and numbing. My acid reflux is gone. On my first day of skiing, I blew away my male ski partners with my stamina, strength, and agility.”

    – Loren

  • “I found Abundant Health Family Chiropractic when searching online for chiropractors in Bozeman. I had severe numbness and low back pain. It was difficult to work, and I was unsure if I would be well again. By teaming with Dr. Kimberly Maxwell and following her recommendations, my pain is gone. Plus, I have more energy, flexibility, better moods, and improved performance. I sleep much better, and I have decreased my use of medication!”

    – Stephen

  • I sought care with Abundant Health Family Chiropractic due to a herniated disk. I was taking so much ibuprofen and oxycodone before starting care. Now I am off the meds and have finally been able to sleep better, have my flexibility back, and am in almost no pain! And my memory has improved a ton! Dr. Kimberly Maxwell is intuitive and gentle, and her office is awesome! Thank you!”

    – Courtney

  • “My friend was so excited about her care with Dr. Kimberly Maxwell that I wanted to check it out too. I didn’t have any significant health problems, but I knew I wanted to get pregnant, and I wanted my body to be as healthy as it could be before and during pregnancy. I saw Dr. Maxwell throughout my pregnancy, and it was the best thing I could have done. Being a first-time mom, I didn’t know what to expect. Dr. Maxwell helped me keep my body and mind positive and uplifted. When delivery time came, my baby was in perfect position and her birth was an amazing experience thanks to my chiropractic care. Our whole family now sees Dr. Maxwell! Thanks to Dr. Maxwell’s holistic approach, I am now able to make better decisions regarding my family’s health. I encourage everyone to visit Abundant Health Family Chiropractic.”

    – Bethany

  • I was suffering from frequent migraines, and prescription medications had little to no relief, and I missed work many times. After hearing a presentation by Dr. Kimberly Maxwell, I started chiropractic care with her. To my joy, I have been experiencing relief! I have better balance, I’ve lost weight, I’m taking much less medication, and my immune system is so much stronger! I love this office, you do great work. Thank you, Abundant Health Family Chiropractic, for going above and beyond!”

    – Kelly

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